Do you follow the rules? Were you raised to follow them? On the other hand do you break the rules? Are they meaningless to you, so transgressing them is of no consequence? Our parents pass on the rules we need to know to function in society. Knowing the rules is a prerequisite to getting on, whichever side of them you are on. As we venture further away from the home we encounter more rules to take on. Education, peer groups, places of work, all…Continue Reading “Following the rules.”

“Tell your story.” says medium. “ I can’t. I haven’t got one.” says I. When I read my response to the request, I realize that it’s not that I haven’t got a story. Everyone has. The unique perspective you bring to expressing yourself and that no one else has lived your life, makes this inevitable. For myself the, ‘I can’t’, is where I should be focusing my attention first. It says to me, I haven’t got the confidence to put it out there. My life, my perspective,…Continue Reading “14th 11th 2017 01.05”

At the moment the orchestra is playing out of tune and the dancers are stumbling over each others feet. The dance partners are: us the consumer, in the feminine role, the multi national as the male. The male leads and in this instance, writes the music for the orchestra. An aside. The term ‘multi national corporation’ is old. It comes from a time before the net. It may refer to colonial and early post colonial companies. One sided trading with ex empire. A company limited…Continue Reading “03:17 09/11/2107g”

Consuming. In other words shopping. The whole world is on a shopping spree. If the climate changers are correct, the shops will eventually close for good.If they are not and we carry on shopping as usual, are we heading for a brighter future? The consumer lifestyle is now truly global. The false personhood of multinational corporations now encircle the globe. Much of what the Multi nationals produce is useful and does enhance life. But because it is not a real person the multi national is…Continue Reading “Ten thirty pm, Wednesday November the eighth.”

Why despite all our environmental and societal concerns do people still crave consumer goods? I am no different than anyone else in this respect. Finances constrain what I can purchase. I have a mobile phone, a notebook, actually two. A generic go pro style headcam. A satnav for my motorbike. A bicycle, actually I have another eight, two ready to sell and the other six in various states of dismantledness. Quite a collection of gadgets and machines.Maybe my collection is a little different than some….Continue Reading “00:20 Tue, Nov 7, 2017”

I can’t continue what I started yesterday. I Don’t have time so will return tomorrow. I threw in my dollar to medium today. Joined the partner thingy to. It’s come back to me now. Wanting. Call it craving at the extremes. I have periods of time where I intensely crave something. The past 4 to five years have revolved around motorcycles. It started with Kawasaki GTRs, moved on to Harley Electra Glides, then to Honda Goldwings. Now it is back to Kawasaki again. Each particular…Continue Reading “23:44 Mon ,Nov 6, 2017”

A later start today. Bonfire night. Damp, lots of explosive bangs and multi coloured cascades of light reflected in windows. It will stink everywhere tomorrow, the aftermath of battle. Day 2 of the challenge. I did a little bit of content mill. It made me feel very frantic. So we didn’t last very long. I read a lot of advice. It began to feel a little bit repetitive, and, reading isn’t writing. I flowed with the direction of the advice, the writing i began to…Continue Reading “Eight”

The very first day, of publish an article every day, for a month. Thanks to Thomas Despin on medium. I now have 23 hours and 18 mins to finish and hit publish. That’s not true. Because it’s five fifty and I’ve got 19 hours and ten minutes until the deadline. Shall I be literal, or wax lyrical. I will plump for metaphorical. This time anyway. What symbols will appear on the screen? Ghosts of an image I don’t see in my mind, though they surely…Continue Reading “12.42 Nov 4th 20011”